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Surname Saturday: Gambles, Ireland to Vermont and New Brunswick

I would *LOVE* to find more information on the Gamble family. I know so very little about them, yet feel a huge connection to them. One of my reasons for continuing on with my genealogy is because I have always felt like I need to trace this family back to Ireland, like there is someone  am meant to meet in Ireland. I don't feel this way with any of my other lines, and I can't explain why I feel this way about the Gamble line. However, tracing them back to Ireland has not been an easy feat, so I am hoping someone out there may be able to help me out.

My 2nd great grandfather, James Gamble, immigrated to America in about 1883 (according to the 1920 US Census-I have not found an immigration record to prove this claim). He was born 3 May 1862 in Antrim, Ireland to James Gamble and Ellen. He married Rose McKillop (who also immigrated from Ireland) on 2 Dec 1885 in Danville, Vermont. Rose was the daughter of James McKillop and Margaret Leslie. James spent most of his life in Cabot, Vermont and died of congestive heart failure on 28 Jun 1940 in St Johnsbury. He is buried in Danville, Vermont. 

A distant cousin, and fellow researcher, sent me information suggesting that James' brother, Edward Gamble, was in America from 1888 to 1909 before moving to New Brunswick. Records indicate that Edward was born on board ship during the family's trip to America. He was born on 11 Jun 1876. At some point before or at the beginning of 1909, Edward went to Moncton, Westmorland, New Brunswick, Canada where he worked as a machinist and married Margaret "Maggie" Price on 4 February 1909. He died of Diabetes in Moncton on 18 May 1923 and is buried in Elmwood Cemetery in Moncton.

If it is true that Edward was born on board ship in 1876, and the family wasn't in America until the 1880s, could they have gone to Canada before entering America? And this would also mean that James's and Edward's parents also came to Canada/America, so where are their records to show where they lived and died once here?

Children of James Gamble and Rose McKillop:
  1. Edward John Gamble (see below)
  2. Rosetta May Gamble: b. 12 Dec 1892 in Danville. (Note: I located a grave in Danville Cemetery for Rose and May, Children of James and Rose Gamble, with no dates. Could the single birth certificate for Rosetta May have been an error and should have been two certificates for twins who died at/shortly after birth?).
Rose & May Gamble Grave
Children of Edward Gamble and Margaret Price:
  1. Eileen Mae Gamble: b. 15 May 1910 in Moncton, Westmorland, New Brunwick
Edward John Gamble was born on 28 Apr 1889 in Cabot, Vermont to James Gamble and Rose McKillop. He married Gertrude Bailaw (Beland/Balaw/Bailey) (Daughter of Edward Balaw and Elizabeth Aiken) on 29 Jul 1912 in Cabot. He died on 2 Dec 1955 in Walden, Vermont and is buried in Cabot Village Cemetery.

Children of Edward Gamble and Gertrude Baylaw:
  1. Lena M Baylaw (Gertrudes daughter, Edwards step-daughter): b. 27 Sep 1909, d. 23 Feb 1974
  2. Rosetta Maude: b. 22 Aug 1913, d. 29 Oct 1913
  3. Richard James: b. 16 Jun 1915, d. 15 Jan 1992
  4. John Everett Gamble: b. 12 Apr 1918, d. 31 Jan 1996
  5. Mary Elizabeth: b. 24 Dec 1920, d. 6 May 1977
  6. Ellen Rose: b. 31 Aug 1922, d. 2 Aug 2013
  7. Marjorie Jane: b. 3 Dec 1924, d. 26 Oct 2008
  8. William "Bill" Edward: b. 16 Apr 1927, d. 5 Jun 2012
  9. Robert "Pete" Arthur: b. 15 Sep 1932, d. 4 Oct 2003

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