Monday, August 18, 2014

Baker Family Cape Cod to Vermont

About seven months ago I posted about the family of Cornelius Baker & Almira (Thomas) Ingalls and their descendants. This had been a huge brick wall in my genealogy for many years, but a few nights ago I came upon a record that would lead me back to my 10th great grandparents, Francis Baker and Isabel Twining.

I was able to conclude that Cornelius was born out of wed-lock and the Baker surname was his mother, Caroline's, maiden name. I have not found any record that lists his father (though I plan to visit the town clerk in Johnson, Vermont soon to see if I can find a birth record with his name on it there). Once I realized that Caroline's maiden name was Baker, I was able to do some searching and find her parents, and from there my brick wall came crashing down!

Here is what I discovered, starting with my 10th great grandfather:

Francis Baker was born in 1611 in St. Albans, Hertfordshire, England. He arrived in Boston, Massachusetts via The Planter in 1635 and would settle in Yarmouth, Massachusetts. He married Isabel Twining on 17 Jun 1641 in Yarmouth. According to one source, he died in 1696. Children of Francis Baker and Isabel Twining were:

  1. John Baker (see below)
  2. Samuel Baker, b. 1 May 1648 in Yarmouth
  3. Daniel Baker, b. 2 Sep 1650 in Yarmouth
  4. William Baker
  5. Thomas Baker
  6. Elizabeth Baker
  7. Hannah Baker
John Baker was born on 1 May 1645 in Yarmouth. He married Alice Pierce in 1672 in Yarmouth. The only child I have (so far) for John & Alice is their son, Jonathon Baker.

Jonathan Baker was born on 31 May 1672 in Yarmouth. He married Hannah Jones on 13 Apr 1699 in Yarmouth. They had at least one son, Lot Baker.

Lot Baker was born on 16 Jan 1721/22 in Yarmouth. He married Desire Berry on either 1 Mar 1743 or 23 Nov 1743 (there are records for both). Children of Lot Baker and Desire Berry (all born in Yarmouth) were:
  1. Hannah Baker, b. 19 Sep 1744
  2. Lot Baker, b. 26 Apr 1746
  3. Desire Baker, b. 25 Jul 1748
  4. Hezekiah Baker (see below)
  5. Patience Baker, b. 7 Nov 1749
  6. Stephen Baker, b. 18 Nov 1754
  7. Theodore Baker, b. 18 Apr 1757
  8. Abijah Baker, b. 23 Jun 1764
  9. Jerusha Baker, b. 23 Jun 1764
Hezekiah Baker was born on 7 Nov 1749 in Yarmouth. He married Abigail Weeks on 1 Nov 1772 in Yarmouth. Children of Hezekiah Baker and Abigail Weeks were:
  1. Barzillai Baker, b. 12 Jul 1780 in Yarmouth
  2. Hezekiah Baker (see below)
Hezekiah Baker was born on 8 Nov 1791 in Yarmouth. I know he married a woman named Betsy, though I am not sure if this was the name of my 5th great grandmother as I have seen her name listed as Dacia. Hezekiah died on 15 Aug 1873 in Hyde Park Vermont. He at least had the following children:
  1. Caroline Baker (see below)
  2. James Baker b. abt 1841 in Johnson, Vermont
Caroline Baker was born on 18 Jan 1824 in Morrisville, Vermont. She had my 3rd great grandfather, Cornelius, illegitimately, but married Mitchell Gearwar a few years later. She died on 25 Apr 1897 and is buried in Mountain View Cemetery in Morrisville. Besides Cornelius she had the following children with Mitchell Gearwar:
  1. Charles Edgar Gearwar, b. abt. 1846
  2. Ann Maria Gearwar, b. abt. 1847
  3. William Gearwar, b. abt. 1849
For information about Cornelius and his descendants, see my original post, Baker Family of Lamoille County, Vermont.


Anonymous said...

Typo error noted for marriage of Francis Baker and Isabel Twining.
Should be 17 June 1641 and not
17 June 1841.

Jacky said...

Thank you! It has been corrected. :)