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Surname Saturday - McKillops Ireland to Vermont

Disclaimer: As always, my genealogy is a work in progress. There is a lot of information I have yet to locate and possible discrepancies in information already found. While all of my information is sourced in my genealogy software, I am not going to take the time to type all that out here. If you would like a source citation for a particular event, please ask.

If you are related to this family, I want to hear from you!
I have been posting my Surname Saturday posts in alphabetical order; however, I am going to deviate from this for this week and focus on the McKillop family. I am inspired to write about them after being contacted by my 5th cousin earlier this week.

My 2nd great grandaunt, Margaret "Maggie" McKillop
with her husband, George Martin and an unidentified
woman (a daughter, perhaps?).

I don't have a lot of info about this line, and it is one of my lines that intrigues me the most. Mainly because they make up a good portion of my Irish heritage, a heritage I am proud to have (I have other lines that came from Ireland, and I am equally as interested in learning about them, as well...but those lines are for future posts).

 I first posted about the McKillop family over two years ago. Since my initial post, I have discovered more information. My 4th great grandparents were Patrick McKillop and Rose Cassidy of Ireland. I have not found any evidence that they came to America with their children. Their children (at least those I have found in America) were:

  1. James McKillop: My 3rd great grandfather. See below.
  2. Nancy McKillop b. Aug 1837 in Cork/Corky, Ireland. m. John Finely on 4 Sept 1867 in Northfield, Washington, Vermont. d. 2 Oct 1901 in Cabot, Washington, Vermont. (Author's note: A certificate of birth from daughter, Nancy Finely, indicates that her parents, John Finely and Nancy McKillop, were born in Cork, Ireland (a county in southern Ireland). However, Nancy's sister, Elizabeth, was born in Corkey, Ireland (a town in county Antrim), and the 1930 census of daughter, Lizzie, lists their birth place as Northern Ireland. It is likely that 'Cork' was written wrong, and they were born in Corkey, Antrim)
    1. Elizabeth "Lizzie" Ann Finely b. 30 May 1868 in Danville, Caledonia, Vermont. m. Renforth Gamblin on 15 Jan 1900 in Ryegate Caledonia, Vermont. d. 28 Jul 1940 from "Toxemia due to carcinoma of the rectum." Buried in the Danville Green Cemetery. 
    2. Nancy Finley b. 26 Apr 1870 in Danville, Caledonia, Vermont. m. James W Rodgers on 27 Nov 1895 in Barre, Washington, Vermont. d. 27 Jun 1953 in Barre, Vermont.
    3. John Badger Finely b. 24 Apr 1872 in Cabot, Washington, Vermont. d. 17 Dec 1934 in St. Johnsbury, Caledonia, Vermont.
    4. Rosa Finely b. 6 Aug 1874 in Cabot, Vermont. m. Archibald Steele on 25 Jun 1902 in St. Johnsbury, Vermont. d. 10 Jun 1952 in Danville, Vermont.
    5. Patrick McKillop Grave
    6. William "Willie" Finely b. 21 Nov 1876 in Cabot, Vermont. d. 21 Mar 1938 in Danville, Vermont.
  3. Patrick McKillop b. 30 Jan 1841 in Ireland. d. 21 Feb 1914. buried in Mount Calvary Cemetery in St. Johnsbury, Vermont.
  4. Elizabeth McKillop b. 12 May 1846 in Corkey, Ireland. m. James McGill abt. 1869. d. 15 Jan 1921 in Danville, Vermont.

James McKillop &
Margaret Leslie
My 3rd great grandfather was James McKillop. he was born on 03 May 1862 in Antrim, Ireland. He married Margaret Leslie about 1854 (according to the 1900 US Census). They likely married while still in Ireland as according to the same census, they emigrated to America around 1867. Once in America, I have only found them living Danville, Caledonia, Vermont. James was a farmer by trade. He died on 08 Sept 1907 in Danville. He is buried with his wife in Mount Calvary Cemetery (Plot BB), St. Johnsbury, Caledonia, Vermont.

     Margaret Leslie was born about 1823 in Ireland and died about 1912 in Vermont.

Children of James McKillop & Margaret Leslie:

  1. Rose McKillop: My 2nd great grandmother. See below.
  2. John McKillop b. 17 Apr 1861 in Ireland, d. 15 Jun 1897 in Danville, Vermont (cause of death: appendicitis)
  3. Mary Ann McKillop b. 17 Apr 1861 in Ireland, m. Robert M Steele abt. 1889, d. 26 Jul 1911 in Peacham, Caledonia, Vermont
    1. Agnes J Steele b. 13 Feb 1893 in Peacham, Vermont
    2. Herbert M Steele b. Jul 1895 in Peacham, Vermont
  4. Margaret "Maggie" McKillop b. 27 Nov 1867 in Ballycastle, Antrim, Ireland, m. George F Martin on 23 Dec 1889 in Barre, Washington, Vermont, d. aft. 24 Jul 1946 (possibly in Williamstown, Orange, Vermont).
  5. Robert & Lizzie
    Martin) Clogston
    1. Lizzie May Martin b. 17 Sept 1891 in Vermont, m. Robert E Clogston on 5 Aug 1914 in Williamstown, Vermont, 21 May 1969 in Williamstown, Vermont. Buried in the Williamstown Cemetery.
    2. Caroline Susan Marin b. 7 Oct 1893 in Williamstown, Vermont. m. Ernest John Auld on 28 Aug 1911. d. aft. 30 Mar 1946.
    3. Harrison Bancroft martin b. 6 Dec 1895 in Williamstown, Vermont, m. Annie R. d. 26 Nov 1955 in Hartford, Windsor, Vermont.
    4. John L Martin b. Aug 1897 in Vermont, d. Oct 1942 in Williamstown, Vermont
    5. Raymond Roosevelt Martin b. 16 Sept 1904 in Williamstown, Vermont. m. Hannah Georgia Berno on 10 Sept 1934 in Barre, Vermont. d. 30 Mar 1944 of Pulmonary Tuberculosis  in Barre, Vermont. Buried in Williamstown Cemetery.
    6. Clarence Dix Martin b. 6 Aug 1906 in Williamstown, Vermont. d. 10 Jan 1953. Buried in the Williamstown Village Cemetery.
    7. Rosetta Martin died in infancy
My 2nd great grandmother, Rose McKillop was born on 16 Jan 1857 in Ballymena, Antrim, Ireland. She married James Gamble on 02 Dec 1885 in Danville, Vermont. She died from "senility" on 16 Apr 1940 in Danville, Vermont.
James Gamble was born on 03 May 1862 in Antrim, Ireland To James & Ellen Gamble (who I recently discovered may have come to America, but I have not had time to search for any records. Stay tuned). He died on 28 Jun 1940 in St. Johnsbury, Vermont. He is buried in Danville, Vermont.
Children of James Gamble and Rose McKillop were:

  1.  Edward John Gamble: My great grandfather. See below
  2. Rosetta May Gamble b. 12 Dec 1892 in Danville, Vermont.
Edward Gamble and Gertrude Baylaw
My great grandfather, Edward John Gamble, was born on 28 Apr 1888 in Cabot, Vermont. He married Gertrude B. Baylaw/Balaw/Bailaw on 29 Jul 1912 in Cabot, Vermont. He died from bladder cancer on 02 Dec 1955 in Walden, Caledonia, Vermont. He and his wife are buried in the Cabot Village Cemetery. 
Gertrude B Baylaw/Balaw/Bailaw was born on 07 Jun 1893 in Peacham, Caledonia, Vermont to Edward Bailaw/Balaw and Elizabeth "Lizzie" Aurilla Aiken. She died on 03 Mar 1994 in Morrisville, Lamoille, Vermont.
Children of Edward Gamble and Gertrude Baylaw:

  1. Lena M Baylaw (Daughter from Gertrude's previous relationship) b. 27 Sep 1909 in Vermont. m. George Wilkins on 25 May 1929 in Cabot, Vermont. d. 23 Feb 1974 in Waterford, Caledonia, Vermont. Buried in Waterford, Vermont.
  2. Rosetta Maude Gamble b. 22 Aug 1913 in Cabot, Vermont. d. of Broncheal Pneumonia on 29 Oct 1913 in Cabot, Vermont. Buried in the Danville Cemetery.
  3. Richard Gamble b. 16 Jun 1915. m. Lucelle Williams on 06 Oct 1942 in Cabot, Vermont. d. 15 Jan 1992 in Danville, Vermont.
  4.  John Everett Gamble: My grandfather. See below.
  5. Mary Elizabeth Gamble b. 24 Dec 1920 in Cabot, Vermont. m. Raymond Geoffrey Salls on 15 Jun 1940 in Walden, Vermont. d. 24 Dec 1920 in Cabot, Vermont. Buried in the Cabot Village Cemetery, Section 2 Row 15.
  6. Living 
  7. Ellen Rose Gamble b. 31 Aug 1922 in Cabot, Vermont. m. David Dale Dimick on 23 Dec 1950 in Danville, Vermont.
  8. Marjorie Jane Gamble b. 03 Dec 1924 in Cabot, Vermont. m. Gordon George Rodger on 03 May 1949 in Cabot, Vermont. d. 26 Oct 2008 in St. Albans, Franklin, Vermont. Buried in the West Enosburg Cemetery in Enosburg, Franklin, Vermont.
  9. William "Bill" Edward Gamble b. 16 Apr 1927. m. Reta Elaine Shepard on 22 Oct 1949 in Cabot, Vermont. d. 05 Jun 2012 in Vermont.
  10. Robert "Pete" Arthur Gamble b. 15 Sep 1932 in Cabot, Vermont. m. 1) Vera Irene Dimick on 21 Apr 1951 in Cabot, Vermont and 2) Marjorie (Hanks) Rochette on 14 Mar 1987 in Walden, Vermont. d. 04 Oct 2003 in Walden, Vermont. Buried in the South Walden Cemetery.
My grandfather, John Everett Gamble, was born on 12 Apr 1918 in Cabot, Vermont. He married Mildred Eva Kennison on 20 Dec 1941 in Cabot, Vermont. He served in France during WWII. He died on 31 Jan 1996 in Morrisville, Lamoille, Vermont. He and his wife are buried in the Jedediah Hyde Cemetery in Hyde Park, Lamoille, Vermont.

Mildred "Millie" Eva Kennison was born on 29 Jul 1921 in Richford, Franklin, Vermont to Carlton "Carl" Edgar Kennison and Marie Eva Burnham/Bonneau. She died on 13 Feb 2009 in North Hyde Park, Lamoille, Vermont.
John & Mildred (Kennison) Gamble

Children of John Gamble and Mildred Kennison:
  1. Roy John Gamble b. 04 Apr 1945 in Enosburg, Franklin, Vermont. d. 09 Jan 2010 in North Hyde Park, Vermont
  2. Living
  3. James Edward Gamble Sr. b. 02 Jan 1952 in St. Albans, Franklin, Vermont. d. 14 Nov 2000 in Poultney, Vermont. Buried in the St. Raphael Cemetery in Poultney, Vermont.
  4. Living

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