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Surname Saturday: A few 17th Century Godfrey's

I don't have many Godfrey's in my tree, but I figured I would list the ones I do have in the even that I can locate a distant cousin or some unknown information.

Richard Godfrey (my 9th great grandfather) was born in Lancaster, England in 1631. His father was Richard Godfrey, who was born born in Wales in 1600. The younger Richard came to Massachusetts in 1652. According to a NEGHS publication, he "settled in a part of Tauton called Squawbetty...near the old [iron] forge, now Raynham." He married Jane Turner in 1650 in Weymouth, Massachusetts. Jane was the daughter of John and Jane Turner. Richard died in Taunton, Massachusetts on 16 Oct 1691.

Located near the homestead of Richard Godfrey.
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Children of Richard Godfrey & Jane Turner:

  1. Richard Godfrey; b. abt. 1651 in Taunton, MA; m. Mary Richmond on 1 Jan 1679 in Tauton, MA; d. 17 Aug 1725 in Taunton, MA
  2. Jane Godfrey; b. 1652 in Taunton, MA; m. John Cobb; d. 17 Mar 1736 in Taunton, MA
  3. John Godfrey; b. abt. 1654; m. Martha Joyce
  4. Alice Godfrey; b. 1656 in Weymouth, MA; m. Peter Holbrook in 1677 in Mendon, MA; d. 29 Apr 1705 in Medon, MA
  5. Susannah Godfrey (see below)
  6. Robert Godfrey; b. abt. 1660; m. Hannah Hackett
Susannah Godfrey was born about 1656 or 1660 in Taunton, Massachusetts. She married Edward Kettle/Cettle on 10 Jun 1682 in Taunton, Massachusetts. They had the following children:
  1. Mansir Kettle; b. abt. 1700 in Taunton, MA; m. Desire Berry; d. 7 May 1757 in Taunton, MA
  2. Mary Kettle
  3. Freegift Kettle
  4. Ephraim Kettle
My line from Susannah Godfrey and Edward Kettls/Cettle is:
  1. Mansir Kettle m. Desire Berry 
  2. Edward Kettle m. Welthy Godfrey*
  3. Sylvester Kettle m.. Patience Comstock
  4. William Riley Kittell m. Elizabeth Eliza Lanpher
  5. Florence Eliza Kittell m. Roland S. Beard
  6. William Riley Beard m. Olive Elizabeth "Grace LeGrange
  7. Elizabeth Florence Beard m. George Baker
  8. Gary Baker m. Esther Wallace (my grandparents)
*I am also curious as to who Wealthy Godfrey is. She was born to Joshua Godfrey and died on 18 Nov 1793. Were they of the same Godfrey family as Richard?

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Anonymous said...

Wealthy or Welthea Godfrey is of the same family as Richard, as am I.