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Surname Saturday: Baker Family of Lamoille County, Vermont

Update: I have found more information about Cornelius's ancestors since writing this post. Please see my latest post, Baker Family Cape Cod to Vermont.

My 3rd great-grandfather, Cornelius H Baker, was born about 17 May 1842 in or near Johnson, Lamoille, Vermont. He married Almira M (Thomas) Ingalls on 4 July 1864 in Johnson. He died on 19 Jan 1909 in Eden, Lamoille, Vermont. His mother, Caroline, is listed on his death certificate. Her place of birth was Vergennes, Addison, Vermont. There is no name given for his father, but census records list his birth location as Germany or Vermont.        
Almira M Thomas was born in Oct 1841 in Belvidere, Lamoille, Vermont. She was the daughter of William Thomas from Fairfield, Addison, Vermont and Sally Stancliff from Halifax [Canada?]. Almira died on 20 Apr 1917.

Cornelius and Almira had the following children:

  1. Charles C Baker b. 30 Dec 1865 in Johnson, m. Nora Emory on 29 Sep 1889 in Eden, d. 31 Jul 1935
  2. Caroline M Baker b. 1869, m. William Griswold on 5 Mar 1885.
  3. Emma A Baker b. 23 Oct 1871 in Belvidere, m. Dan Adams on 1 Jun 1890 in Johnson
  4. Frank M Baker b. 10 Apr 1874 in Belvidere
  5. Harrison B Baker b. 4 Jun 1876 in Belvidere, m. Lilah Mae Bidwell
  6. Daniel James Baker (my 2nd great grandfather, see below)
  7. George H Baker b. 29 Jul 1885, m. Anna Jones
My 2nd great grandfather, Daniel James Baker, was born on 3 Jan 1877 in Belvidere, Lamoille, Vermont. He married Minnie Belle Childs on 14 Aug 1912 in Belvidere. He died on 7 Nov 1949 in Windham, Vermont.
Minnie Belle Childs Baker

Minnie Belle Childs was born on 29 May 1894 in Morrisville, Lamoille, Vermont. She was the daughter of Charles H Childs and May Ann Jones from Hyde Park, Lamoille, Vermont. Minnie died on 28 Feb 1963 in Morrisville. She is buried in Johnson.

Obituary for Minnie
Belle Childs Baker

Daniel and Minnie had the following children:
  1. Gladys Mabel Baker (My great grandmother, see below)
  2. Daniel Lee Baker b. 20 Oct 1919 in Belvidere, d. 22 Apr 1945 in Hyde Park (see my previous post about Daniel Lee Baker)
  3. Ilda M Baker b. 22 Apr 1926, m. ______ Allen, d. Sep 1992
  4. Irene R Baker b. 8 Feb 1930, m. _____ Wade, d. Jan 1984
Gladys Baker Wallace

My great grandmother, Gladys Baker, was born on 9 Sep 1916 in Belvidere, Lamoille, Vermont. She married Hezekiah Truman Wallace on 10 Mar 1930 in Cambridge, Lamoille, Vermont. She died on 12 Jun 1967 in Burlington, Chittenden, Vermont. 

Hezekiah Truman Wallace on Right
Hezekiah Truman Wallace was born on 29 Jan 1907 in New Hampton, Hillsborough, New Hampshire. He was the son of William Henry Wallace of Tyngsboro, Middlesex, Massachusetts and Blanche L Corbin of Charleston, New Hampshire. Hezekiah died on 20 Sep 1976 in Montpelier, Washington, Vermont.

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