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Surname Saturday: Descendants of Elijah and Jane Beard

Disclaimer: As always, my genealogy is a work in progress. There is a lot of information I have yet to locate and possible discrepancies in information already found. While all of my information is sourced in my genealogy software, I am not going to take the time to type all that out here. If you would like a source citation for a particular event, please ask.

If you are related to this family, I want to hear from you!
My fifth great grandparents were Elijah E and Jane Beard (I know nothing of Jane except her first name). Elijah was born about September 1764 in Scotland and died on 14 Jun 1853 in Berkshire, Franklin, Vermont. He is buried in the Berkshire Center Cemetery (his tombstone is on

Children of Elijah and Jane Beard were:

  1. Elijah Beard: b. abt. Sept 1794 in New Hampshire, m. Lucy Horn 
  2. David Beard (my 4th great grandfather. See below).
David Beard
David Beard was born abt. 1819 in Stanstead, Quebec, Canada. He married Jane Doan/Dean(e). He died on 18 Aug 1899 in Barre, Washington, Vermont.
       Jane Doan/Dean(e) was born in Underhill, Chittenden, Vermont.

Children of David and Jane Beard were:
  1. Henry H Beard: b. abt. March 1849 in Underhill, Vermont. He m. Nina Danforth on 28 Jun 1911 in Lowell, Middlesex, Massachusetts
  2. Roland S Beard: (my 3rd great grandfather. See below).
  3. George W Beard: b. abt 1854, m. Ida Bundy on 15 Apr 1876 in Swanton, Franklin, Vermont
Seated: Roland Beard and
Florence Kittell

Roland S Beard was born on 4 Jun 1851 in Underhill, Chittenden, Vermont. He married Florence Eliza Kittell on 4 Jun 1872 in Sheldon, Franklin, Vermont. He died on 20 May 1930 in Lamoille County, Vermont and is buried in Pleasant View Cemetery in Morrisville, Lamoille, Vermont.
        Florence Eliza Kittell was born in 1850 in Fairfield, Franklin, Vermont to         William Riley Kittell and Elizabeth Eliza Lanpher. She died on 18 May             1927 in Morrisville, Vermont and is buried in Pleasant View Cemetery in         Morrisville.

Children of Roland S Beard and Florence Eliza Kittell were:
  1. Marcia Eliza Beard: b. 16 May 1874 in Sheldon, Franklin Vermont, m. Herbert Robbins, d. 1 Sept 1956 in Wolcott, Lamoille, Vermont
  2. Melvin H Beard: b. 1876 in Vergennes, Addison, Vermont, d. 1901
  3. William Riley Beard (My 2nd great grandfather. See below)
  4. Harry Beard: b. and d. in 1881.
William Beard and
Olive "Grace" LaGrange
William Riley Beard was born on 4 Dec 1877 in Sheldon, Franklin, Vermont. He m. Olive Elizabeth LaGrange on 11 Mar 1899. He died on 12 Feb 1956 in Waterbury, Washington Vermont. He is buried in Pleasant View cemetery n Morrisville, Vermont.
        Olive Elizabeth "Grace" LaGrange was born on 4 May 1878 in Sheldon,             Franklin, Vermont to Abraham LaGrange and Elizabeth Isabel Renney.               She died on 9 Sept 1963 in Morrisville, Lamoille, Vermont. She is buried           in Pleasant View Cemetery in Morrisville.

Children of William Beard and Olive LaGrange were (see a poem my great grandmother, Elizabether (Beard) baker wrote about her siblings here: Our Family Tree):
  1. Clyde Archival Beard: b. 13 Jan 1900 in Palmer, Massachusetts, m. Lula Mae Melvin, d. 18 Mar 1957 in Chelsea, Orange, Vermont
  2. Beulah Olive beard: b. 5 Jan 1902 in Sheldon, Franklin, Vermont, m. Harold Allen on 2 Jul 1921 in Morrisville, Vermont, d. 4 Sep 1994 in Bradford, Orange, Vermont
  3. Wilma Rita Beard, b. 16 Apr 1903 in Hyde park, Lamoille, Vermont, m. Rufus W. Stancliffe on 16 Apr 1921 in Morrisville, Vermont, d. 16 Aug 1984 in Morrisville, Vermont
  4. Infant Girl Beard: b. 23 May 1905 in Hyde Park, Vermont (probably stillborn)
  5. Lillian W. Beard: b. 1906, m. Edward Peterson, d. aft. 1963
  6. Gerald William Beard: 30 Oct 1906 in Morrisville, Vermont, m. Mildred E Willis on 7 Mar 1926 in Morrisville, Vermont, d. 19 Jul 1972 in Bristol, Hartford, Connecticut
  7. Elizabeth Florence Beard (My great grandmother): b. 16 Oct 1911 in Morrisville, Vermont, m. George Dewey Baker on 23 Aug 1932, d. 22 Dec 1995 in Morrisville, Vermont. She is buried in Pleasant View Cemetery in Morrisville, Vermont
  8. Ardell Floye Beard: b. 20 Feb 1918, m. Raymond Rebman, d. abt. 1987
  9. Robert Melvin Beard: b. 26 May 1921 in Morrisville, Vermont, m. Mabel Beardsley Rouse on 8 Sept 1942, d. 3 Dec 1991
William and Olive Beard (Center) 50th Wedding Anniversary in 1949.


Lynn Currier said...

This is wonderful! I think we've connected before. My birth name is Linda Lea Beard, my dad was Harlan, son of Clyde.
I can't find a source that lists Elijah, Sr. and Jane's? son David.
And I haven't figured out where in Scotland Elijah was born. Do you know? My email is and I'm on Facebook as Lynn Currier.

Chad Gross said...

I too am a descendent of Elijah and Jane Beard. I through their child Elijah and Lucy. From the cemetery in Brome, Glen Farnham Cemetery, Quebec, Jane's surname looks to be Forg├ęt. She's buried in Quebec. It list her as the wife of Elijah Beard died at 84 yrs old. Died 4th Mar 1861. That would put her birth around 1777 which could work. I know nothing about CA records so am unable to figure anymore out. I'd love to learn more about Jane. Email Addy is

Unknown said...

Hello - I am also a descendent of Elijah E. Beard Sr. through his son Oliver, then William Henry, then Byron Sumner, then Corliss Sumner, then Marvin Corliss and my father is Thomas, making Elijah my 5th great grandfather. I just started digging into this particular side of my family, so I don't know too much about where in Scotland the Beard's came from or anything about Jane Forget.