Saturday, March 22, 2014

Surname Saturday: Seeking Charles Childs, son of Theron Childs

This surname Saturday post is going to be short and sweet as I really don't know a whole lot about the Childs family. I am hoping someone out there may be able to shed some light for me.

I know that my maternal 4th great grandparents were Theron Childs and his wife, Anna Parks. They had at least one son, my 3rd great grandfather, Charles H. Childs, in 1873. Charles married Mary Ann Jones in Morrisville, Lamoille, Vermont on 19 April 1894. Mary Ann was born in July 1876 in Hyde Park, Lamoille, Vermont, the daughter of Ruel Judson Jones and Philena Hill.

Charles Childs and Mary Ann Jones had the following children:
  1. Minnie Belle Childs: My 2nd great grandmother. See below.
  2. Olive Childs: b. 8 Nov 1896 in Johnson, Lamoille, Vermont.
  3. Thomas Charles Childs: b. 1898, d. 28 Apr 1898 in Morrisville, Lamoille Vermont 
  4. Norma Beatrice Childs: b. 1 Jan 1900 in Woodbury Washington, Vermont
  5. Vena May Childs: b. 2 Feb 1908 in Woodbury, Washington, Vermont
Minnie Belle Childs was born on 29 May 1894 in Morrisville, Lamoille, Vermont. She married Daniel James Baker on 14 Aug 1912 in Hyde Park, Lamoille, Vermont.She died on 28 Feb 1963 in Burlington, Chittenden, Vermont and is buried in Johnson, Lamoille, Vermont.

Minnie Belle Childs with Old Jumbo Cat

Minnie Childs and Daniel Baker had the following children: 
  1. Gladys Mabel Baker: See my previous post, Surname Saturday: Baker Family of Lamoille County, Vermont for more information on her.
  2. Daniel Lee Baker: See my previous post, Black Sheep Sunday: Jailhouse Death, for more information on him.
  3. Ilda M Baker: b. 22 Apr 1926, d. Sept 1992.
  4. Irene R Baker: b. 8 Feb 1930, d. Jan 1984.

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