Sunday, February 16, 2014

The Family of Ensign Joshua Holcomb

Ensign Joshua Holcomb II was the fifth child and second son of Joshua Holcomb and Ruth Sherwood. My information about Joshua II is scarce, but I will write down what little I do know about him and his family.

He was born on 18 Sep 1672. Family historians have recorded that he was born in Windsor, Connecticut;  however, we know that his parents were living in Simsbury by the time of his birth. For this reason, I would find it more likely that he was born in Simsbury than Windsor, though I can not be certain without documented proof.

Joshua Holcomb II married Hannah Carrington, the daughter of John Carrington, who’s parents, John and Joan Carrington, were hung for witchcraft in Hartford, Connecticut on 6 Apr 1651. Joshua and Hannah had at least six children together:
1. Caleb Holcomb was born on 1 May 1695.
2. Joshua Holcomb III was born on 18 Sep 1697 and died in Nov 1772.
3. Thankful Holcomb was born on 8 Jan 1700/1.
4. Experience Holcomb was born on 1702 and died on 15 Dec 1774.
5. Eleanor Holcomb was born on 6 Jul 1706.
6. Matthew Holcomb was born on 7 May 1708 and died on 21 Mar 1781.

I also believe they may have had a daughter named Hannah, though I am not sure when. One source says she was born between Thankful and Experience, and another lists her as being born after her mother’s death (which we know can not be accurate).

Hannah Carrington died on 13 May 1708. Considering the closeness to the date of her son, Matthew, I believe it is safe to assume that she died following complications from the birth.

After Hannah’s death, Joshua Holcomb II married Mary Hoskins (whom I descend from). They had eleven children together:
1. David Holcomb was born on 22 Jul 1713 and died in 1803.
2. Mercy Holcomb was born on 4 Sep 1714 and died on 10 Jun 1780.
3. Miriam Holcomb was born on 11 Jul 1716 and died on 16 Sep 1718.
4. Robert Holcomb was born on 2 Mar 1717/18 and died on 8 Mar 1717/18.
5. Sarah Holcomb was born on 2 May 1719.
6. Miriam Holcomb was born on 18 Jan 1719/20 and died on 28 Apr 1795.
7. Joab Holcomb was born about 1720 and died on 5 Dec 1723.
8. Bathsheba Holcomb was born on 3 Jan 1721/22.
9. Joel Holcomb was born on 18 Aug 1723 and died on 24 Feb 1814.
10. Joab Holcomb was born about 1724 and died on 9 Feb 1725/26.
11. Phineas Holcomb was born on 4 Feb 1726 and died in Sep 1781.


Anonymous said...

HULLO, COUSIN! (Well, you're a cousin to my son, Junior through his maternal grandmother.).
I will make a little chart linking up (best I can) to what you have supplied.
HOLCOMB cousins married other HOLCOMB cousins making a fine mess!
-- Sir Leprechaunrabbit

Jacky said...

How does our son descend from the Holcombs? This is one of my favorite lines to research!