Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Baker/Beard Family Reunion 2013

It has been several months since about 50 descendants of William & Olive Beard came together. Our family reunion was held on 24 Aug 2013 at the site of the Lamoille County Field Days in Johnson, Vermont. It was a great afternoon filled with stories, hugs, and laughter.
One of the personal highlights of the day for me was meeting some cousins for the first time. This included a couple of cousins I met while researching genealogy. What amazing moments to be able to talk to these wonderful women in person!
Another of my favorite parts of the day is when one of the aforementioned cousins gifted to me a jewelry box that was handmade by my great grandfather about 60-70 years ago. The box is now sitting high on a shelf in my living room and is cherished immensely!
Here are some photos from the reunion. Enjoy!

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