Friday, April 9, 2010

Vermont Obituaries

There are a number of websites that list old obituaries from newspapers. Most are submitted by individual contributors. Obituaries are valuable genealogical records as they include important information, such as date of death, burial location, birth date, names of children, parent's, siblings and spouses, marriage date, and residence before death. There may be information in that you did not know previously. There may even be a photo attached to the obituary.

Many libraries have archives of local newspapers that go back many years. If you know when your ancestor died, you may be able to find an obituary in one of these newspapers. You may also be able to find an obituary online. Listed below are websites that include obituaries found in Vermont newspapers. If you know of another link that is not listed, please leave a comment and let us know!

USGenWeb Vermont Obituary Project: List of volunteer-submitted Vermont obituaries.

Ancestor Hunt: Vermont newspapers that list obituaries. Some websites may also have an archive for past obituaries. Historic Newspaper Collection - Vermont: List of historic Vermont newspapers.

Caledonian Record: You can search for obituaries online from 1997 to the present.

GenealogyBuff: Miscellaneous Early Vermont Obituaries.

Obits Online: Vermont newspapers whose websites contain obituary archives.

There are also many volunteers who are willing to look-up an obituary for you. If you cannot get to a library in a certain area, check these sites for a look-up volunteer in that are.

GenLookups - Vermont: List of Vermont look-up volunteers by region.

GeneaSearch - Vermont: Vermont Free Genealogy Look-Ups.

RootsWeb Obituary Look-Up Volunteers - Vermont: Listing of Vermont obituary look-up volunteers.

No Vermonters in Heaven

I dreamed that I went to the city of gold,
To Heaven resplendent and fair;
And, after I entered that beautiful fold,
By one in authority there I was told
That not a Vermonter was there!
"Impossible," said I. "A host from my town
Have sought this delectable place,
And each must be here with a harp and a crown,
A conqueror's palm and clean linen gown
Received through merited grace."
The angel replied, "All Vermonters come here
When first they depart from the earth,
But after a day or a month or a year
They restless and lonesome and homesick appear
And sigh for the land of their birth.
"They tell of its many and beautiful hills
Where forest majestic appear;
Its rivers and lakes and its streams and its rills
Where nature the purest of water distills,
And they soon get dissatisfied here."
"They tell of ravines, wild, secluded and deep,
Of clover-decked landscapes serene,
Of towering mountains, imposing and steep
Adown which the torrents exulting leap
Through forests perennially green."
"We give them the best that the Kingdom provides,
They have everything here that they want;
But not a Vermonter in Heaven abides,
A very short time period here he resides,
Then hikes his way back to Vermont!
-Earnest Fenwick Johnstone

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