Friday, October 15, 2010

The Second Great American Local Poem And Song Genealogy Challenge Part II

In my previous post, I briefly described the Second Great American Local Poem And Song Genealogy Challenge, and posted a poem that was written by my great-grandmother, Elizabeth (Beard) Baker.

As a follow-up, I also want to post a bit of genealogy about my great-grandmother, her parents, and her siblings. I am eager to fill in the missing blanks, so if you are researching this family and can provide me with any information, I am happy to hear it!

1. William Riley Beard was born on 04 Dec. 1877 in Sheldon, Vermont. His parents were Roland S. Beard and Florence Eliza Kittell. William married Olive Elizabeth "Grace" LaGrange on 11 Mar.1899. He died on 12 Feb. 1956 in Waterbury, Vermont.

2. Olive Elizabeth "Grace" LaGrange was born on 4 May 1878 in Sheldon, Vermont. Her parents were Abraham LaGrange and Elizabeth Isabel Rainey/Renney. She died on 9 Sep. 1963 in Morrisville, Vermont.

Their Children:

3. Clyde Archival Beard was born on 13 Jan 1900 in Palmer, Massachusetts. He married a woman named Lula M. He died between 1956 and 1963.

4. Beulah Olive Beard was born on 5 Jan. 1902. She married Harold Allen, and died on 4 Sep. 1994 in Bradford, Vermont.

5. Wilma Rita Beard was born on 16 Apr 1903. She married Rufus W. Stancliff on 16 Apr 1921 in Morrisville, Vermont. She died on 16 Aug 1984 on Morrisville, Vermont.

6. Lillian W. Beard was born in 1906. She married Edward Peterson, and died sometime after 1963.

7. Gerald William Beard was born on 23 May 1905 and died after 1963.

8. Elizabeth "Beth" Florence Beard was born on 16 Oct 1911 in Morrisville, Vermont. She married George Dewey (Holcomb) Baker on 23 Aug 1932. She died on 22 Dec 1995. Elizabeth is the author of the poem listed in my previous post.

9. Ardell Floye Beard was born on 20 Feb 1918. She married Raymond Rebman, and died about 1987.

10. Robert Melvin Beard was born on 26 May 1921 and died after 1963.

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